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Virtual Assistance Services

We offer three different types of Virtual Assistant Support:
General, IT Support, and Project Management.

General: Great for small business virtual support, including but not limited to: email management, scheduling, social media management, content planning, online course creation, and event organizing. Typical investment is $50/HR.

IT Support: General small business IT support, including but not limited to network setup, database clean up, server setup, and Secure File Transfer Protocol Automation. Typical investment is $100/HR.

Project Management: Corporate Project Management for large-scale projects to ensure completion on schedule and within budget through designating resources, monitoring progress, and providing informed updates. Typical investment is $75/HR.

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Podcast Support

We offer three different packages for Podcast Support:
Essential, Standard, and Premium.

Essential: EQ & Audio Leveling, Noise Reduction, Add-in of Intro/Outro Audio, Royalty-Free Music, or Ads, and Secure Download Access to Each Episode. Typical investment is $500/Month.

Standard: Essential Package Items, Plus Customized Show Notes for Each Episode, Upload to Podcast Hosting Service, and One (1) Social Media Image for Each Episode. Typical investment is $750/Month.

Premium: Essential & Standard Package Items, Audio Transcript for Each Episode, Four (4) Additional Social Media Images for Each Episode, and One (1) Sound Bite (in "Story" Format) for Each Episode. Typical investment is $1000/Month.

Investment may vary depending on client's needs and work needed. Contact us for a custom quote by emailing support@huffpro.com

"I'd been searching for more than a year for the right sound and music for my podcast introduction and was frustrated with the various options, overuse in some instances, and had attempted several times to inquire about custom intro music. So when Lauren and her husband told me about their work with Huff Productions, I was a bit hesitant. In the end, they really came through for me. They listened to my content and provided me with a draft based on what they thought would fit well and I was overjoyed with the result. They hit it out of the park in a timely and powerful way."

Dan Woerheide
The ProGrowth Podcast

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Custom Podcast Music

Royalty-Free music missing the mark? Are you wanting something that fits your theme, brand, or message and is custom to you? We will spend an hour with you going over what YOU are looking for in your intro and outro music for your podcast. Then we will listen to samples of your content and create a custom, loopable track for you to use on all your podcast episodes, copyright-free. Typical amount of investment is $200/Song.

For more information about custom podcast music, email support@huffpro.com

Contact us about your next project or podcast needs by emailing support@huffpro.com